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N&D | Wedding Film in Can Tho - Vietnam

Cần Thơ is the biggest city of the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam with an estimated population of 1,5 million . The name comes from "cầm thi giang" - river of poems. It is also referred to as "Tay Do" meaning "Western capital". The city is famous for its floating markets, Buddhist pagodas, delicious food and fresh fruits and the beauty of the Mekong delta.

Famous floating market in Can Tho Although developing fast , it retains its charm as the center of a rural area, as urban development is taking place in a rather orderly manner. Can Tho is located on the south bank of the Hậu River, the bigger branch of the Mekong River.

It is in vicinity to Sóc Trăng, 1.5 hours from Long Xuyen, 3 hours from Châu Đốc and Rạch Giá, about 6 hours from Cà Mau, and 169 km (3 hours) from Ho Chi Minh City. The climate is tropical and monsoonal with two seasons: rainy, from May to November; and dry, from December to April. Average annual humidity is 80%, rainfall 1,635 mm and temperature 25 °C.

Can Tho is a large city. Even though it's quite big, there is a very compact central area where numerous hotels, markets and restaurants can be found. Similar to other Vietnamese cities in the Delta, the central area (along Hai Ba Trung street) really comes alive after the sun goes down. During the day don't expect to see much interesting, after dark the area becomes a gathering point for locals and tourists and a great place to just hang out and shop the numerous authentic Vietnamese stores or eat at the restaurants, some of them offering really excellent value for the money. Overall it's a very friendly city and a much less crowded with traffic then HCMC. A great place to get a feel for the "real" Vietnam.

Thanks Lương Triệu Vĩ for let me use those amazing footages at K50 waterfall in Gia Lai - Vietnam! And appreciate to the team:

.Wedding Planner: NhuCam • Lifestyle Wedding

.Flower & Decoration: mulan.nc

.Art & Floral Adviser: Sơn Trần

.Photography: Mirror Wedding 

.Bridal Gown: Cee's Bridal

.Groom's Attire: Élan&Bros

.Wedding Stationery: Forever

.Make-up & Hair: Đinh Tran

.Sound & Lighting: NGỌC LONG

.DJ: Duc Nguyen

.Choreographer: Trần Bình An

.Venue: Azerai Can Tho

.Analogue photography [by] son

.Backstage Photographer: Huy Khuất

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