Suoi Giai lake - Binh Phuoc Province - Vietnam

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Suoi Giai lake is located in Tan Lap commune, Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province. About 80km northwest from Ho Chi Minh City. In ancient times, this place was the source of a small stream, in 1978 Binh Phuoc province built an irrigation dam to store water and provide water to local people. Since then Suoi Giai Lake has been formed.

The name Suoi Giai means beautiful as the fairy goddess. The lake is more than 1.5 km wide, lying between two hills and we can observe the lake from above the road car. The length of the lake long if looking on google, perhaps more than 10km.

At present, there are not many inhabitants living on the reservoir. The reservoir area is surrounded by rubber plantations of state cooperative farms. There are several farms for export in the lake, including lobster, goby and a other fish. At Suoi Giai Lake, there is only one house of his friend Apham who has settled there for nearly 10 years, here investing some equipment that can serve tourists in the future, however, Let friends to have fun, explore, picnic weekend.

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