Ham Lon mountain - Soc Son Province - Vietnam

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Located only 40 km from Hanoi towards North Thang Long - Noi Bai expressway--so it is not too hard to go here, just taking approximately one hour. Therefore, you can conquer this mountain during the day or you can stay longer if you want to watch the sunset and sunrise on the mountain.

You can start immediately climbing Ham Lon Mount or visit the Nui Bau Lake first. Nui Bau Lake is a lake located at the foot of the mountain, amid the hills of green pine and acacia trees. The wild look has contributed to the charm of the lake.

There are two paths up to the mountain. The first path is a fairly flat trail, easy to go and does not have many bushes. To reach the peak, it will take you only two or two and a half hour. The second route is along streams, which suits those who like adventure and discovery. With travel time of approximately four hours, you'll have to cross small streams or through the bushes. You will have to make your own road but it's the main attraction to conquer this mountain.

Near the top of the mountain is a fairly flat area. After conquering the height of 462m of Ham Lon, visitors can return to this flat area for camping and resting to prepare for leaving the mountain or waiting for sunset or sunrise.

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