This questionnaire is the materials that I would use to make your wedding film. It will reflect your personalities, love story, it will decide how the film will listen, to feel like. It will not only for me, it will also inspire for you as well! You should spend time, enthusiasm, thoughts to answer honestly with all your heart. And remember not to reveal one word to the other half!

This is our first time we meet! I'm Jacob and you are... 

- What's your full name? Does it have any special meaning?

- Where were you born:

- Your birthday:

- Where do you live:

- What languages ​​do you speak?

- Your religions?

- Which colors do you like best?

- Where did you travel? Which place is the best?

- What is your forte / gifted? (About art, sports, drawing, ...)

- Do you have a pet?

- Do you have any tattoos? If so, which one is most meaningful to you?

- Do you have any rules in everyday life?

- What is your passion?

- What brand of shoes do you like?

- What about luxury watches?

- If all the fashion brands in the World are sale-off $ 0.00, which brand will you bring the whole store home?

- Jacob wants to listen to your usual music playlist.

Okay enough for us to understand each other! Let's get started!

- - - - -

1. How did you meet your partner? Your first impression? [The more detailed, the more wildly the better ;) ] 

2. Describe your partner?

3. Tell me about your proposal?

4. What do you like most about him/ her?

5. What does he/she like best about you?

6. Tell me about your best trips and most beautiful memories?

7. What do you think happiness is?

8. What are you doing for living? Do you love it? If money is no any value in the World, what will you do?

9. "Love will fade over time" don't you think? What will you do to prevent it from happening?

10. A few quotes about love and life you like most?

11. What is the most passionate things of him/ her?

12. How do you want me to tell your story?

13. The worst time in your story? How did you pass it? If you could choose a song to describe this time, which song would you choose?

14. How did you dream about your wedding?

15. Do you believe in destiny in love? If yes! Give me some evidences in your love story?

16. Write a short letter to your partner, the letter may be recorded and used in your film, and your partner will only listen to it when I finish.

17. Why did you choose this location for your day?

18. Which book do you like best?

19. Which bands or singers do you like most? Which songs of them do you like?

20. Who is the most meaningful in your life ( Except your Parents ? Will they be at your wedding?

21. Any movies, that you've watched over twice?

20. One song to dance after a romantic dinner?

21. In your wedding, do you use any items that have special meaning to you?

22. What do you like most about my wedding films? Which short-films do you like?

23. Do you have any special requests for dress code?

24. Can you describe your wedding dress/ suit ? The process of making ideas, why did you choose this style?

25. Do you use or wear any items that are special to you at your wedding day?

26. Have you seen each other's wedding outfits? If not, You could save this for the "First Look"! If you were given a song to play during First Look, to both of you get the most emotion, which song would you choose? Why?

27. Quick answer no more than 5 seconds:

- Motorcycle or car?

- A wooden cabin or A small bus with full amenities?

- Mountain or sea?

- DC or Marvel?

- Dark red or light blue?

- Subtitles or captions?

- Sneakers or Boots?

- Summer or Winter?

- Headphones or speakers?

- Plant based or Meat?

- Europe or Africa?

- Sushi or Steak?

- Tea or Coffee?

- Margarita or Dry Martini?

- Mojito or Old Fashioned?

- IOS or Android?

- Space travel or time travel?

- Wolf or Cheetah?

28. The last one! I need you to invest your  time for this one most, because it is the most difficult one? Why do you agree to marry your partner? Only one thing please!

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