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I'm Jacob, I'm a Freelance Videographer, until today I have been practicing for more than 10 years. You can read more to know more about me!

When you read this, I have a predetermined relationship. I know you are a lover of photography, cinema or simply you are someone who likes to hold cameras, camcorders record the movies you want, but have not found a way to shoot beautiful and artistic.

You are a novice, but you are discouraged with full service recorders, do you want to change your mind and redirect your path? Five years ago, I was just like you, fidgeting with boredom by filming and photographing people I don't like, holding a service camera just to live day by day!

After more than 10 years in the profession, my greatest achievement now is to be able to select my clients, who are friends with the same personalities, preferences and vibrations as my frequency. I have been able to work in places with indescribable beauty, film in some of the best resorts in the world, to weddings with only a few guests where there is no human footprint. I met and made friends with good people, they were very attentive, talented, intelligent and wealthy. Over time, along with the law of universal gravitation, gradually my hard life in the past has turned and changed in a more positive direction!

I did it and I can help you! Not only with videography karma, if we are lucky and fortunate together, may be you can change your life!

You can check out my courses below!

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Online courses

- The course will include 8 videos (8 pdf files and study materials attached)

- 8 videos with different topics: / Equipment & techniques / Thinking / Market Analysis / Business Management / Shaping Style / Storytelling / Workflow and editing / Marketing /

- 8 videos (video link lasts for 3 months) + 8 pdf files, attached learning materials

Donated: Jacob's latest set of LUTs

Invest: 800$

Mentoring (Intensive):

- Maximum class of 10 members

- Live mentoring via Zoom

- 03 lessons and theoretical exchange, 01 working experience sharing session and 01 post-production session

- PDF file of study materials

- Topics to be learned and exchanged in depth: Techniques / Thinking / Market Analysis / Business Management / Style Shaping / Storytelling / Workflow and editing / Marketing /

Donated: Jacob's latest set of LUTs

INVEST: 1100$ ( Not available )


- 01 input test

- Maximum of 5 classmates (at the same level)

- 01 exchange session, 03 theoretical lessons and 02 editing sessions (After the professional observation session) - Directly with Jacob or via Zoom

- 01 final test, choose a friend to observe Team Jacob at work ↓

- 01 working observation session with Team Jacob (Real Wedding / Elopements) (No additional charge)

- High chance of becoming a member with Team Jacob

Donated: Jacob's latest set of LUTs

INVEST: 2300$ ( Not available )


- Quantity: 01 trainee

- 01 input test -> Choose your position in Team Jacob (Shooter, Assistant, Sound, BTS, ...)

- You will become a member of the Jacob team in one project (Real Weddings or Elopements)

- Observe, learn and communicate directly with Jacob

- High chance of becoming a member with Team Jacob

- No extra charge

INVEST: 1400$


- Unlimited number of students

- Meet and exchange directly with Jacob and the Top 1 guests in the wedding industry in Vietnam

- Discuss in depth on a topic



If you have other needs I can help. Please email me to info@jacobweddingfilms.com and let's discuss it afterwards.

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