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What's in my backpack 2021 ?

As a vintage cameras and lens lover, I am having a huge number of vintage lens, in this blog I will show you guys my favorited lens, cameras and recorders, which I will use for an adventure trip or an elopement.

1. Combo Lumix S1 + Carl Zeiss 28-70mm ( 1998) + RODE recorder:

I am so in love with this combo! It's very convenience with 28-70mm focal length, this lens has Carl Zeiss T* looks, with stunning image quality, the first standard zoom of truly decent quality throughout its range. You could use it an any focal length and not really have any compromise relative the prime lenses of the time. That cliché “a tube full of primes” was (for once) true of it! And it's also have macro feature in 70mm , it focusses from the standard close focus distance of 20cm to infinity in about 240 degrees. One of the best zoom lens ever!

Lumix S1: A mirrorless camera that’s as big as a DSLR =)), build like a tank, amazing stabilization, great battery life, no overheating, low light performance equal to sony a7s, hiding 6k - 10 bits - 30 fps and dynamic range of up to ~15 stops with vlog

RODE shotgun: Great for capture ambient and environment sound, low weight and high sound quality! 

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2. Sony ZV1:

My 1st rule: Always bring a camera by your side, you will not know what moments you gonna miss! And ZV-1 is the perfect one for that and also for the backing-up. Small, lightweight, great video quality, excellent auto-focus performance and amazing stabilization! I love that camera!

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3. Focal lenght: 35mm, 50mm and 80mm:

Beside the universal zoom carl zeiss 28-70mm, I love to use prime lens, depends on situations and parts of the wedding. My favorited focal for wedding are 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 80mm.

- Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine UMC II

- Pentax-A 50mm f1.4

- Isco Gottingen Kiptar 80mm f2

4. Filters: 

I use two kinds of filter: ND filter and CPL filter

- Haida PROII-S MC Variable filter

- Hoya ProND32 ND filter

- SLR Magic Variable ND filter

- Leica E77 P-cir CPL filter

5. Others:

- Speaker bluetooth JBL Clip 3

- Aputure AL-M9 Amaran Pocket

- Gopro Hero 9 ( For gimbal shoots, and under water shoots)

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That's all my gears for an adventure trip or an elopement on 3-7 travel days, but when we film a wedding, we need more than equipments than all in this blog. I will share about that in my next blog! Thank for your time!

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