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I based in Vietnam and spend most of the time on the road to capture stunning moments in real life. Plus, I shoot beautiful wedding films in other surrounding countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand (Phuket), and so forth and so on.

I am a life adventurer, who is a Son of Mother Nature? So I can follow you to every corner of the world. We can sleep in the tent and look up at the stars together, we can hit the road by motorbike to find hidden and wild places. If those said things are what you love the most, we will dedicate our time and our passion to filming your story, as a good friend does for each other. Destination weddings are the wonderful treats for me. I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, so please consider this keen globetrotter for your big day, no matter how far it is. For your convenience, I can arrange a Skype or Face-time conversation or meet up for a coffee, whatever suits you. 

" The more you travel, the more knowledge you can learn!" - Jacob Dinh

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