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Jacob's Associate Videographer

Who is my associate videographers?

My associate videographer is one that works under the Jacob Wedding Films as an independent contractor. The associate’s pricing is often lower than the Jacob’s rate. 

It’s a way that I can scale my business and clients will have more benefit from an affordable rate. As the associates are trained as well as work on set with me in lots of projects, their style match my style. This creates a consistent brand experience for the clients, no matter which videographer shoots their wedding.

Everything else is taken care of by Jacob. This includes the initial consultation through editing files delivery. And of course we will chat together before the wedding.

Not to be confused with a ‘second videographer’ who is there to capture a secondary set of angles. A second videographer is available whether you choose Jacob or an associate to filming your wedding.

Also not to be confused with an ‘assistant’, which is a non-shooting role. The assistant simply helps the videography team carry their equipment, set up shots and other ad hoc duties as directed by the lead.

Nghia Phung and Jimmy Tran are now my associated videographers.

Nghia Phung

Jimmy Tran

Do all wedding videographers have associate shooters?

No, not all videography businesses have associates as a matter of course. It’s only necessary when the main videographer reaches a certain level of bookings.

Usually having an associate program is a sign that the lead gets so many inquiries that they cannot possibly fulfill. It makes financial sense to service these in-house instead of passing them off to another business, even if those leads are sold.

It’s smart to use associates as a wedding videography business grows and becomes more successful.

Why book an associate videographer?

The main advantage from the client’s perspective is they usually pay a lower rate for an associate. This is because economies of scale are possible when there are multiple videographers working under one business owner.

Different wedding videography businesses operate differently. Some only technically use ‘associate’ videographers. This is because the business owner is the manager, not a shooter that is available for hire. (Often the case for larger and nationwide videography enterprises).

Another huge benefit is more safety and peace of mind for the client. Let’s say you book a team’s associate videographer to shoot your wedding. Unfortunately they fall ill and cannot fulfill their duties. It is likely that another member of the team will be able to jump in at a moment’s notice.

If there are a lot of associate shooters available you can flick through portfolios and choose the one who you vibe with. It can feel like you have more control and more flexibility than dealing with just one individual. Also if you are having a particular kind of wedding, you could ask for an associate experienced in that.

Everything should be detailed in email correspondence and during a consultation. Find a videographer that works with integrity and transparency. In case it isn’t clear, take a careful look at the contract so there is no possibility for misunderstandings. No one likes to feel they’re a victim of the ol’ bait and switch.

Associated Portfolio

My Associated Team has the starting rate from 2000$. Please filling the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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