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I frequently look up to the sky, asking to the Universe that why I am here, writing you this and how weʻd met? Hi! I am really happy to meet you!

Let's me tell you my stories first!

I had started my photography journey since 2010, yet until 2016, I officially decided to be a professional wedding videographer. Once in a while, I recalled the past events and realized how the previous jobs helped me to find a way to the filming world. I used to work at CGV Cinema for three years; simultaneously, at the same time, I fell in love with cinema, especially from film masterpieces. Also, being a guitarist allowed me to understand music and sound well. Back to my family background, my Grandfather is a Chèo singer and my Dad is a good drummer which can explain well about the artistic blood flowing in my body. Unbelievably, I found out that music could help me a lot in my current work. Thanks to the innate artistic instinct, I do not have to put my footages on a piece of music, I can mix my own and create my own artworks. Whenever I have free time, reading books as well as hiking and traveling are my hobbies and also a good way to refresh and blow me away from the tired workload. I will bring the books I have read, the films I have watched, the knowledge I have learned, places I have traveled into the wedding films I give to you!

It’s supposed that I am likely chosen to become a videographer by the Universe. And I always thank God for that!

I am actually a life’s adventurer; thus, wedding destination are the wonderful treats for me. I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, so please consider this keen globetrotter for your big day, no matter how far it is. For your convenience, I can arrange a Skype or Face-time conversation or meet up for a coffee, whatever suits you. 

Your own wedding day, the day that revolves around love, the special love between you and your partner. This connection that you have is no coincidence, a lot has preceded that, there is a story behind it, your story about your love. And I am here to record and tell you again in such a way that you can relive this time and time again. I do this by capturing those unique and special moments of the day, the embrace with your parents, the tear, the laughter. But also all the details that you have carefully chosen for your wedding day. Because if you look back at the film in 20 years, all feelings will have to come back. That is why I make unique and timeless wedding films with the concentration on emotion.

I am not just any service providers, I will help you with advice and actions for planning in your big day as a closest friend does!

Your turn now, tell me about your stories!


● My favorite in Directing: Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, David Fincher

● In Cinematography: Bill Pope and Roger Deakins

● In Cinematic composer: Hans Zimmer

● Huge fans of Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio

● Like 80's rock music, my favorited bands: Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day,...

● I wake-up at 5am for running every single morning

● Love watching classic films ( 90s-2000s)

● Love cooking and food photography - Director of dinhviethai.com

● I have a dog, born in 2018 call " Benny"

● I had an amazing elopement with my Wife in 2017

●She and I have two beautiful kids

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My Travel Dates

Below are my current travel dates, if you are interested in having me as your elopement/destination wedding videographer in these places within each timeframe, shoot me an email at info@jacobweddingfilms.com and you don't have to pay me the travel fees.That being said, if your dates don't match these dates, don't hesitate to write me anyways, because my travel date is subject to change and I will update my new travel dates all the time and I'd love to tailor my time to be a part of your adventurous journey.


February - Thailand, Phuket

March - Hanoi, Con Dao

April - Dalat

May - Nepal

June - Gia Lai

 July - Da Nang

November - Cambodia

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